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WHATEVER “Our” specific “Problem” is ( )

We each need to “get a handle on” the first and best step is to StartByCaring

The Obvious , we SHOULD all know about, or be able to work out. However, If we fail to think of it consciously, and frequently, it is very lightly to harm us, individually or collectively.

Yet that is what we humans do at times. We are so busy thinking of ourselves, or hearing, reading or watching a story that we trip over something, or fail to see some hazard, missing object or reward that is in plain site .

  1. That Climate change caused by pollution is the number one problem is wrong. It rates as #3, Global problem. And is akin to the design implementation failure of “Titanic” 100 years ago. The ship was doomed before launch because weak parts held the strong parts together. Where steel rivets were supposed to hold the steel plates of the hull together, soft iron ones were used instead – not only soft iron, but the lowest grade of iron. Only a mild scrape, hardly noticed aboard, sheared them off.

  2. It is FALSE to presume that we can burn fossil fuels at a rate one million times the rate they are formed, without causing harm.

  3. , and put out 3 times that mass as CO2 (2 oxygen atoms from the air, and one carbon atom dug up and set fire to)

FIFTY Years ago, Bob Dylan pointed out “You don't need a weather man to know which way the wind blows”

Consider :-


There are 6Bn (6 Billion =6,000,000,000) people on this planet with enough to eat.

(for now)*


Many still CHOOSE to have Too many children....Children who will want a share in pollution emission “Rights” and resource depletion. (any remaining) … but “adults” don't want their “freedom” or personal “rights” (such as breeding) infringed, so we'll continue to enjoy our life, Have lotsa babies and “Sod the kids”

...And we call ourselves “Good People” ?

how many out of “our” 6Bn are “Good People”? Who Cares?” ..Well I do - My attitude If it's to be, It's up to me” PLEASE do your bit too. Stick that phrase up above your desk. ...This is a SERIOUS question, how can we do this? Climate change is the 3rd biggest GLOBAL problem

the 4th may be “resource depletion”... for those “Z generation” kids that we are still vastly over-manufacturing for parents own selfish “needs”, desires, profit, entertainment and foolishness


..and The “other” 1Bn of “Us” ?

Well... “they”* don't have sufficient food …

..(“... but they're not in my back yard”)

The Answers that we receive (from “Authority”) (if we get an answer at all) are biased a lot more towards “whats good for the authority's boss” than to other individuals call for action I have, (website) finances, I have a lot less of, but it will do.

I've more work to do on a thousand websites, like these above – I am a wizard (plain clothed) I design Systems, I think deeply about many and have produced workable solutions that solve many cross related problems... “But I'm just this guy, Y'know... ” (Gag Halfront – Douglas Adams, HHGG) … and I need your help, will you help please? Skills, Thoughtfulness, Actions – dollars come and go elsewhere to better causes. I am Lord Oxford (it's just a name) – The man with the Bondi Chest (Sydney joke)

working on ,,,, 1405-013 Kanchanaburi, Thailand


www.TheFuture4.Us www.WeMustChange.Us


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If we do not learn how to control our own destinies, we will have to live (and/or die) as a consequence....

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Get on with it … Steer correctly … find some help

lack of fun

..And lack of love? Incoming? Outgoing? Commitment? Purpose, mission and goals... DIRECTION..

START from where I am and go forward... (SAM2 StartBYCARING.COM )

1209-010 Sunday. “To Go Forward” Our lustrous leader www.Gillard.Us says we should go – and I agree. John Lennon said “How can I go forward when I don't know which way I'm facing” and was murdered shortly thereafter.

I am about to lose my home and “future” perhaps, as have so many before me due to the greed (or ) of rich corporate banks, who are raping the planet, not just me. I shall survive a while longer with greater or lesser power and purpose, and hopefully forge new allegiances for the care of this overburdened and the BILLIONS of humans and other creatures living (and dependant) on it.

SOME of my thoughts on a caring future are on a few of my “future” oriented websites:-

















Not all are up to date, and my domains listed above may have been sold since writing . (enquiries )

CARING about the future is always a good place to start.

My Lack of (sufficient) action on finances and extended sickness has left me in a scary position

Our collective insufficient attention to the welfare of our planetary environment and future see us ALL in a scarey position, and it is doubtful that the planet will care much for us, if we don't care for it. is where we ALL should be. A global problem needs a global solution.